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​Welcome to Friends of Lincoln Community School!

2024 Fundraising Campaign:   Please Help us Raise $25,000


Friends of LCS raises money to support enrichment activities that take learning beyond the classroom and expose students to new ideas, perspectives, and skills. Some of these activities help to root our children in their home community and connect them with family. Others help them to embrace challenges and learn perseverance. These themes are central to the programs we are supporting this year.


Challenge, Perseverance, and Sense of Self

  • For many years, students in kindergarten-sixth grades have gone to Rikert for 3 half days of ski instruction and practice. Consistency within a season and over years encourages students to challenge themselves in a new sport, persevere to develop skills and, for some, discover the love of a sport that is accessible and affordable. We will continue the tradition of K-2 going to Rikert for three half days and we are working to add alpine skiing through a program at the Middlebury Snowbowl for our 3-6 graders.


  • During a two-week residency at LCS with the Burlington-based Very Merry Theater, “all the children take center stage,” as they participate in all aspects of stagecraft including theater artist directs and provides production assistance. Young thespians will build confidence and a stronger sense of self while finding their voices and having fun.


Connection with Family and Community

  • Vermont author Natalie Kinsey pens picture books and novels based on her family’s history. Through her Storykeepers program she “teaches students how to do historical research based on their family stories.” During a five-day residency, students use genealogy, family trees, photographs, and primary and secondary sources, to research an ancestor and create a culminating project about that person–a story, a scrapbook, a painting, a performance–which is presented at a community-wide festival.


  • Since 2014, the vibrant youth mentoring program, Lincoln Mentors, has matched students in kindergarten through sixth grade with a community member. These relationships grow and flourish both in and out of school. We are committed to the ongoing creation of these cherished relationships  by matching mentees and mentors from a range of ages, personalities, backgrounds, and interests.


Please consider a donation to enrich the academic experience of our children and support all the young learners at our wonderful community school. Checks can be mailed to Friends of LCS, PO Box 361, Bristol, VT 05443 or just click the donate button below. Thank you!!


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Featured Project

December 2022:   Lincoln Mentors

Lincoln Mentors is rooted both in the Lincoln Community School and in the community of Lincoln. The program carefully matches students in kindergarten through sixth grade with a community member.  As a community school, LCS has to work to continue to keep its walls permeable so that it can continue to be enriched by the expertise, engagement and volunteerism of community members. When students feel like they matter, that someone cares about them, that someone is committed to seeing them every single week, they do better – socially and academically. Mentors care about how their mentees are doing in school: they ask them about their studies, they go on field trips with them, they attend presentations at school showcasing their learning. Having this attention and this connection reflects positively in how a student feels about their schooling.


Featured Project

October 2021:   Champlain Orchards

The second graders chose a specific variety of apple from Champlain Orchards to research. Not only were they able to observe and taste the apple to determine the qualities of that apple first hand, they were also able to provide a taste testing of their apples during Open House. Students also used the website from Champlain Orchards to research their apple variety. They answered these questions:

  • Where and when was my apple introduced?

  • What recipes is my variety good for?

  • What two varieties made my apple?


Featured Project

October 2021:   Lake Champlain Research Vessel


This was an amazing field trip. Students rated it 4-5 out of 5 for being worthwhile and enjoyable. For me, as an educator, I saw many students engage in science like never before. For a few, it was also their first time on a boat which is also an incredible opportunity to witness. Any hands-on science exploration is impactful for students because the experience stays with them. They got to learn from three scientists aboard the boat as they conducted experiments to test the water quality of Lake Champlain. They are still talking about plankton and water clarity!

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