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Recent Donors

The following individuals, families, and/or organizations have given their dollars to support programming at Lincoln Community School. (This is only a partial list!)

Joan and Andrew Furtsch

Judith Siegel

Anna and Jon Howell

Linda and Steven Revell

Jill Fraga and Jason Leonard

Dolly and Peter Howell

J'Amy Allen and Bob Tudek

Julie and Andrew Brooks

Elizabeth and Woody Ives

Chris Bohjalian and Victoria Blewer

Evan Stone

Beth and Joe Nelson

Paul Webb

Joyce and David Wetmore

Molly Millwood and Ari Kirshenbaum

Mary Vivian

Beth H. Smith and Jeff Enright

Deirdre Zele

Jan and Fran Fraga

Maher Funk Family

Will Gusakov and Emily French

Devon MaCleod and Steve Alexander

Jane Seibert

Bill Perta

Dale and Lucinda Cockrell

Bill and Linda Norton

Cathy and Brady Burgess

Judi and Fred Danforth

Elizabeth Saslaw

Deborah Wetmore

Jim and Judi Brown

Tom Verner

Trish Hanson

Lisa and Sean Grzyb

Gardner M. Nason

Beth Duquette and Mark Mulqueen

Lisa Nading

Stephanie Furtsch

Jack and Tommy Riley

Ila and Pete Halby

Robert and Jennifer Turner

William and Pat Durfee

Willard Jackson

Lois and Bill Capasso

Rob Reiber and Mary Ann Rogers

Melvin and Linda Stearns

Brian and Eva McDonough

Susan Halby

Jack and Maureen Norris

Alison Zimmer

Dave and Ilana Brett

Whitney and Ed Germon

Deina and Patrik Olstad

Further Fund- VCF

Sarah Laird


Scott and Marjorie Bernoudy

Kathy and Dan Howell

Mark and Nancy Benz

Liza Cochran and Jonathan Mingle

Mary Bisson

Lizabeth Burrell


Carol and Jim Warnock

Kathleen Kolb


Holly and Bruce Catlin

Jenny and Brian Bates

Patty and Lance Schoenhuber

Jen and Phil Oldham

Christopher Barr and Patricia Shanley

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